The Many Facets of Astrophysics - Photons, Particles, and Spacetime

Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Jointly Organized with the Nederlandse Astronomenclub

Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland


General PosterPlenary Talk
Active Galactic NucleiAstronomy and Education
E-Science & Virtual ObservatoryExoplanets, from PPDs to Astrobiology
Galaxy Clusters and CosmologyGas Flows in Galaxies: Physics & Observables
Ground-based Time Domain AstrophysicsHigh-Energy Astrophysics
Physics near the Event HorizonSOFIA
Scientific and Instrumental Perspectives for the E-ELTStars and the Circumstellar Environment
The Role and Interaction of Stellar Magnetic Fields: From the Stellar Surface to the Interstellar MediumTurbulence and Magnetic Fields in the ISM
Active Galactic Nuclei
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Barthel, Peter Gas Outflows in Quasar Hosts talk
Chelouche, Doron Time-Lag Estimation By Means Of Data-Complexity And Serial-Dependence Measures talk
Einecke, Sabrina Search for high-confidence blazar candidates and their MWL counterparts in the Fermi-LAT catalog using machine learning talk
Heesen, Volker A low-frequency radio continuum study of the FRI radio galaxy 3C 31 with LOFAR talk
Herrera Ruiz, Noelia AGN radio population in the COSMOS field talk
Irwin, Judith CHANG-ES Detection of Radio Emission after a Tidal Disruption Event in NGC 4845 talk
Meusinger, Helmut A large sample of post-starburst (E+A) galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey talk
Zetzl, Matthias The detection and optical/X-ray view of the changing look AGN HE 1136-2304 talk
Astronomy and Education
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Brackertz, Stefan Learning from Contradictions talk
Bzduskova, Lenka A demonstration of the usefulness of the similarity theory in model the example of a cloud model talk
Carmesin, Hans-Otto Students Discovered the Curvature of Space: They Photographed a Gravitational Lens and Explained it talk
Carmesin, Hans-Otto Students Modelled the Discovery of Gravitational Waves with Computer Experiments Developed by Themselves talk
Carmesin, Hans-Otto Students Photographed Objects Ranging from a Dancing School to the End of the Visible World talk
Hohmann, Sascha Celestial bodies dominated by gravity talk
Küpper, Alexander Pupils searching for (habitable) exoplanets at the school laboratory 'Unser Raumschiff Erde' talk
Müller, Andreas Aliens in der Schule talk
Winnenburg, Wolfram Prof. Dr. talk
Zuleta, Monica Design of a didactic model for spatial analysis of the influence of the sun over the landscape talk
E-Science & Virtual Observatory
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Ammler-von Eiff, Matthias On the analysis of large data sets in the PLATO Data Center talk
Bissantz, Nicolai Uncertainty quantification in astronomical imaging and signal reconstruction talk
Dersch, Christian A Python toolchain for variable star light curve analysis talk
Klar, Jochen RDMO - Research Data Management Organiser talk
Knörzer, Michael The Tübingen Model-Atom Database A revised phosphorus model atom poster
Matijevic, Gal Modeling Correlated Noise (in Stellar Spectra) with Gaussian Processes talk
Nullmeier, Markus Versatile access to HEALPix-based sky region objects within PostgreSQL data bases with PgSphere talk
Ole, Streicher The Debian Astro project talk
Vriend, Willem-Jan The MUSE-WISE distributed data management system talk
Winkler, Roland TOAD: The 4MOST instrument model talk
Exoplanets, from PPDs to Astrobiology
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Al-Maothani, Anas Characterizing the properties protplanetary disk HD179218 with imaging and spectroscopy poster
Angerhausen, Daniel An Extrasolar Trojan Asteroid Population from Kepler Phase Curve Stacking talk
Godolt, Mareike Assessing the habitability of planets with Earth-like atmospheres with 1D and 3D climate modeling talk
Godolt, Mareike On the habitability of a stagnant-lid Earth talk
Grenfell, John Lee Atmospheric model studies of hot gas planets talk
Grenfell, John Lee Influence of Cosmic Rays upon Exoplanetary Atmospheric Biosignatures talk
Grenfell, John Lee Influence of Cosmic Rays upon Exoplanetary Atmospheric Biosignatures talk
Grziwa, Sascha Die Detektion von Exoplaneten in Lichtkurven der Weltraummission K2 talk
Guenther, Eike W. The Graz-Tautenburger-Imager: GTI talk
Heller, René Benefits and Perils of Tidal Heating to Planetary Habitability talk
Jeffers, Sandra Exoplanet hunting with CARMENES: Selecting the optimal targets to search for exoplanets talk
Keles, Engin Varying pressure in an atmospheric model : effect on climate and biosignatures talk
Kunz, Silvia Blue atmosphere or stellar activity - Are bright stellar regions (plage) occulted during transit? talk
Quirrenbach, Andreas CARMENES - Commissioning, Performance, and First Science talk
Reiners, Ansgar Proxima b - our terrestrial exoplanet neighbor talk
Smith, Alexis EPIC 212803289 b: A warm Jupiter in an eccentric orbit transiting a subgiant star with a long-period companion talk
Smith, Alexis NGTS: Next Generation Transit Survey poster
Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology
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Bahe, Yannick The Hydrangea simulations: galaxy clusters with resolved satellites talk
Basu, Kaustuv Galaxy cluster physics from the thermal/non-thermal connection talk
Ciocan, Bianca Oxygen abundances of intermediate z galaxies poster
Hildebrandt, Hendrik Weak Gravitational Lensing with the Kilo Degree Survey talk
Hölscher, Patric Astrophysical gravitational waves in Conformal Gravity talk
Kodric, Mihael The M31 Near-Infrared Period-Luminosity Relation and its non-linearity for delta-Cep Variables with 0.5 <= log(P) <= 1.7 talk
Marian, Victor Internal color gradients and distributions of stellar populations of early-type galaxies in the CLASH MACS 1206 cluster talk
Maturi, Matteo Detection of galaxy clusters in photmetric surveys talk
Nagarajan, Aarti Calibrating SZ scaling relations with APEX-SZ data talk
Oldengott, Isabel Mira Reionization and dark matter decay talk
Raihan, Fatimah Testing the accuracy of 3D-HST photometric redshifts for weak lensing studies poster
Reiprich, Thomas Community paper „Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Large-Scale Structure“ talk
Schmidt, Fabian Probing gravity and the early universe with large-scale structure talk
Schrabback, Tim Weak gravitational lensing from space: Constraining the mass scale of distant galaxy clusters from the South Pole Telescope using Hubble Space Telescope observations talk
Sommer, Martin Giant Radio Halos in Cool-Core Clusters of Galaxies talk
Wagner, Jenny Model-independent characterisation of strong gravitational lenses talk
Westhues, Christian Spatial segregation of early-, late-type and FIR-luminous galaxies in the 3C6.1 cluster at z=0.84 talk
Gas Flows in Galaxies: Physics & Observables
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Jose, Onorbe Modeling gas flows in galaxies talk
Juette, Eva The HALOGAS survey talk
Shchekinov, Yuri Concerted SNe explosions and competitive stellar feedbacks talk
Sonnenschein, Björn Circumgalactic gaseous Halos in the HDF-S with MUSE data talk
Straka, Lorrie Gas Flows in Galaxies: Observing the Circumgalactic Medium talk
Verheijen, Marc APERTIF : a 21cm radio camera for the WSRT. Science - Status - Surveys talk
General Poster
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Arutinov, David Planar CMOS and 3D Integrated Single Photon Avalanche Diode Technology at Fraunhofer IMS poster
Beer, Anika Integral field spectroscopy of extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in edge-on galaxies from the CALIFA survey poster
Cimo, Giuseppe ASTERICS - Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster poster
Hoffmann, Susanne The globe of Hipparchus -- Modern astronomy with ancient data poster
Horneffer, Andreas Pipeline Processing of LOFAR Data poster
Hoyer, Denny Is the DO-type white dwarf RE 0503-289 a unique object? poster
Høg, Erik From the Landgrave in Kassel to Isaac Newton poster
Kramer, Michael The Effelsberg 100-m Radio Telescope poster
Löbling, Lisa The Tübingen Model Atom Database: A revised aluminum model atom and its application for the spectral analysis of white dwarfs poster
Nordin, Jakob The Zwicky Transient Facility poster
Wezgowiec, Marek A possible restarting activity of the radio galaxy 4C39.04 poster
Wyrowski, Friedrich The Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX) telescope poster
Ground-based Time Domain Astrophysics
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Fein, Christofer Automated Classification of Eclipsing Binaries in the Galactic Plane poster
Gebhardt, Patrick U-SmART: Small Robotic Telescopes for Universities poster
Giesers, Benjamin Binary stars in Galactic globular clusters talk
Granzer, Thomas On the benefits of robotic scheduling for any kind of time-series observations talk
Hackstein, Moritz The Bochum Galactic Disk Survey talk
Hessman, Frederic MORISOT - The MONET Robotic Instrument for the Spectroscopy of Optical Transients poster
Husser, Tim-Oliver Talking Telescopes -- Inter-Telescope Communication at SAAO talk
Nordin, Jakob The Zwicky Transient Facility talk
Tsapras, Yiannis A microlensing search for exoplanets on the LCOGT telescope network. talk
High-Energy Astrophysics
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Buss, Jens Bjoern Long-term Monitoring of VHE Blazars with the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope poster
Eichmann, Björn The Radio-Gamma Correlation In Starburst Galaxies poster
Franckowiak, Anna Probing Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts as Transient Neutrino Sources in an Optical Follow-up Program talk
Guenduez, Mehmet Identification of Neutrinos and Gamma-rays from Cygnus X Complex poster
Kappes, Alexander Cosmic High-Energy Neutrinos talk
Malyshev, Dmitry Analysis of Fermi LAT gamma-ray data near the Galactic center talk
Rieger, Frank M. Non-thermal processes and the physics of relativistic AGN jets talk
Schröder, Frank Cosmic Ray Detection with the SKA poster
Sigl, Guenter Propagation of ultra-high energy radiation in a structured Universe talk
Physics near the Event Horizon
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Brinkerink, Christiaan The shape and size of Sgr A* at 3mm from measurements with the VLBA, LMT and GBT talk
Bronzwaer, Thomas The RAPTOR Code Part I: Time-dependent Radiative Transfer in Arbitrary Spacetimes no preference
Davelaar, Jordy Modeling M81* with a tilted accretion disk poster
Gillessen, Stefan Stellar orbits around Sgr A* and GRAVITY talk
Hackmann, Eva Geodesics in Black Hole spacetimes talk
Issaoun, Sara A case study of the Sub-Millimeter Telescope at 1.3 mm: a key element of the Event Horizon Telescope project poster
Laemmerzahl, Claus The shadow of Black Holes talk
Liu, Kuo Gravitational experiment near the event of horizon with pulsars talk
Lu, Rusen Anatomy of the horizon-scale structure of Sagittarius A* with a resolution of ~3 Schwarzschild radii talk
Mizuno, Yosuke 2D GRMHD simulations of magnetized torus in a non-rotating dilaton black hole talk
Moscibrodzka, Monika General relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulations and radiative models of Sgr A* talk
Olivares, Hector Constrained Transport in the GRMHD code BHAC talk
Porth, Oliver Conditions for jet formation in GRMHD models of black hole accretion. talk
Ros, Eduardo The black hole neighborhood in the nearby galaxy NGC 1052 talk
Younsi, Ziri Modelling the Emission from Sgr A* using General Relativistic Radiative Transfer and GRMHD Simulations talk
Plenary Talk
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Bailer-Jones, Coryn The first Gaia data release talk
Beck, Rainer The role of magnetism in spiral galaxies - recent progress with LOFAR, VLA, and Effelsberg talk
Buonanno, Alessandra The New Era of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy talk
Caselli, Paola The Cold Interstellar Medium and Star Formation talk
Cioni, Maria-Rosa The VISTA View of the Magellanic Clouds talk
de Mink, Selma Massive Stars: From Baby Twins to Coalescing Black Holes talk
Desert, Jean-Michel Exploiting The Diversity of New Worlds talk
Falcke, Heino Towards Imaging the Event Horizon in the Galactic Center talk
Keane, Evan Fast Radio Transients: Perspectives with the SKA talk
Labbe, Ivo The first billion years of galaxy evolution talk
Lind, Karin Galactic Archaeology with very metal-poor stars talk
Mohr, Joseph Glimpses of Cosmic Structure Formation with Deep Surveys talk
Neuhaeuser, Ralph Terra-Astronomy - historic observations to study solar activity and galactic supernovae talk
Padovani, Paolo The European Extremely Large Telescope talk
Pfrommer, Christoph High Energy Astrophysics - Status and Perspectives talk
Reindl, Nicole Investigations on the hot and mysterious stages of late stellar evolution talk
Richard, Johan First results of the MUSE instrument: an enhanced view of galaxy evolution talk
Schwarz, Dominik Cosmic Radio Dipole talk
Simon, Robert The first five Years of SOFIA Science: Observatory Status and Science Highlights talk
Snellen, Ignas Exoplanet atmospheric characterization and the search for Extraterrestrial Life talk
Tsapras, Yiannis Time Domain Astronomy talk
Vogelsberger, Mark The Era of Large-scale Cosmological Simulations: Exploring Large and Small Scales Simultaneously talk
Walcher, Jakob The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area Survey: a benchmark of the local galaxy population talk
Weis, Kerstin LBVs - leaving clues to understand massive stellar evolution talk
Williams, Robert The Distant Universe Revealed by Hubble Space Telescope talk
Scientific and Instrumental Perspectives for the E-ELT
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Bomans, Dominik HARMONI status and the prospects for low mass galaxy outflows/winds observations with E-ELT talk
Brandl, Bernhard The Mid-infrared E-ELT Imager and Spectrograph METIS talk
Davies, Richard MICADO: First Light Adaptive Optics Imager for the E-ELT talk
Di Varano, Igor In preparation of a polarimetric unit for the E-ELT HIRES poster
Disseau, Karen Simulations of high-z galaxy observations with MOSAIC talk
Hammer, Francois MOSAIC: the E-ELT Multi-Object Spectrograph talk
Hernandez, Eloy Model based calculations of fibre output fields for fibre based spectroscopy poster
Huke, Philipp Instrumental Design of the High Resolution Spectrograph (HIRES) for E-ELT talk
Kelz, Andreas MOSAIC, the Multi-Object Spectrograph for the E-ELT from a German perspective poster
Quirrenbach, Andreas The Science Case for HIRES at the E-ELT talk
Roth, Martin Resolved stellar populations beyond the Local Group observed with MOSAIC talk
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Angerhausen, Daniel Simultaneous Optical and Infrared Exoplanet Spectrophotometry With SOFIA poster
Bigiel, Frank CII Emission From Low-Metallicity Dwarfs to Big Spirals with SOFIA/GREAT and FIFI-LS talk
Brünken, Sandra Detection of Interstellar ortho-D2H+ with SOFIA talk
Fischer, Christian Observing with FIFI-LS – Typical observing modes and how to use them talk
Franeck, Annika ISM phase origins of the [CII] emission at vertical cuts along the galactic plane poster
Giesen, Thomas Detection of 13C-substituted C3 towards SgrB2 talk
Guesten, Rolf GREAT: Performance and Science Opportunities talk
Guevara, Cristian M17SW [CII] 158 um self-absorption and optical depth effects talk
Higgins, Ronan Observation of OI in the Orion Bar poster
Klein, Randolf FIFI-LS Science talk
Klein, Randolf SOFIA - Operating a flying Observatory talk
Menten, Karl Deuterated Hydroxyl in High-Mass Star-Forming Regions poster
Okada, Yoko Velocity resolved [CII], [CI], and CO observations of four star-forming regions in the LMC poster
Ossenkopf-Okada, Volker A fine structure line deficit observed with SOFIA poster
Ossenkopf-Okada, Volker FIRSPEX and GREAT -- the perfect couple poster
Parikka, Anna [OI] contribution to dense gas in NGC 7023 PDR poster
Röllig, Markus [CII] 158μm and [NII] 205μm emission from IC 342 poster
Schneider, Nicola FIR-line spectroscopy of S106 with GREAT/SOFIA as a versatile diagnostic tool for the evolution of massive stars poster
Stecklum, Bringfried SOFIA observations of young eruptive stars talk
Wiesemeyer, Helmut A far-infrared study of tracers of oxygen chemistry in diffuse clouds talk
Wyrowski, Friedrich SOFIA follow-ups of massive clumps from the ATLASGAL galactic plane survey. talk
Ziebart, Monika First result of SOFIA/upGREAT [CII] mapping of M51 talk
Stars and the Circumstellar Environment
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Al-Maothani, Anas Characterizing the properties protplanetary disk HD179218 with imaging and spectroscopy poster
Bomans, Dominik Emission-line bow shock structures of hot run-away stars talk
de Koter, Alex Massive Stars in the grand scheme of things talk
Gottschling, Nils A longterm photometric monitoring survey of nearby galaxies poster
Kröll, Daniel HI shells in the HI4PI survey talk
Loots, Stefan Ratio of Supernova Impostor progenitors luminosity to peak luminosity poster
Mackey, Jonathan Simulations and Observations of Stellar Wind Bubbles talk
Niemsch, Helmut A new survey for Wolf-Rayet Nebulae in M 31 and M 33 poster
Quast, Martin Inflated Stellar Envelopes in High-mass X-ray Binaries talk
Steffen, Wolfgang SHAPE - a virtual astrophysical laboratory talk
The Role and Interaction of Stellar Magnetic Fields: From the Stellar Surface to the Interstellar Medium
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Fichtner, Horst Self-consistent one- and two-component turbulence transport models in the solar wind talk
Klaus, Scherer HD and MHD shock structures of astrospheres talk
Kleimann, Jens A Fresh Look at the Global Heliosphere using Analytical MHD Models poster
Morel, Thierry B Fields in OB Stars talk
Vidotto, Aline The sun as a magnetic star talk
Wiegelmann, Thomas The Magnetic Field of the Sun talk
Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in the ISM
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Adebahr, Björn Radio continuum observations as a tracer for the warm ionised medium in starbursts talk
Bertrang, Gesa H.-M. Linking MHD simulations to observations of magnetic fields in protoplanetary disks talk
Brauer, Robert Magnetic fields in Molecular clouds: The potential of line and continuum polarization measurements talk
Heesen, Volker Studying outflows in nearby edge-on galaxies with radio continuum observations talk
Henriksen, Richard Galactic Halo Lags and Magnetic fields talk
Mackey, Jonathan The Expansion of H II regions talk
Merten, Lukas Simulation of Galactic cosmic ray propagation using CRPropa3 talk
Nikiel-Wroczynski, Blazej Towards the better understanding of the importance of the intergalactic magnetic fields in low-quantity galaxy systems talk
Pfrommer, Christoph How cosmic rays shape the interstellar medium and galaxies talk
Schmidt, Philip Cosmic-ray propagation and magnetic fields in the edge-on galaxies NGC 891 and NGC 4565 talk
Schulreich, Michael Assessing the link between the $^{60}$Fe anomaly in a deep-sea crust and the formation of the Local Bubble talk
Seethapuram Sridhar, Sarrvesh Observing magnetic fields in nearby galaxies with LOFAR talk
Stil, Jeroen Magnetic fields in and around a nearby ionized intermediate-velocity filament talk