The Many Facets of Astrophysics - Photons, Particles, and Spacetime

Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Jointly Organized with the Nederlandse Astronomenclub

Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland

Splinter Meetings

Here you can find the list of the schedules splinter meetings, including links to their websites.

Please note: Abstract submission for all splinters is done centrally through the Abstract Submission on this Website.
Please do not send your abstracts directly to the convenors of the splinter meetings!

Splinter Name / Website Abbreviation Convenors Days Room
Tue Wed Thu
Active Galactic Nuclei AGN Ramolla, Kollatschny, Meusinger, Haas, Chini, Barthel HZO 50
Astronomy and Education (NOT Teacher Training!) AED Schwarz HZO 20
E-Science & Virtual Observatory ESC Enke, Polsterer, Wambsganss HZO 60
Exoplanets, from PPDs to Astrobiology EAB Leuko, Grenfell, Guenther, Rauer HZO 20
Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology GCC Hilbert, Hildebrandt, Kuijken, Maturi, Pettorino, Schrabback, Weller HZO 90
Gas Flows in Galaxies: Physics & Observables GFG Wisotzki, Dayal HZO 100
Ground-based Time Domain Astrophysics TDA Chini, Hessman, Rowlinson HZO 80
High-Energy Astrophysics HEA Pohl, Ackermann, Hörandel HZO 80
Physics near the Event Horizon PEH Mùˆller, Fromm HZO 50
Scientific and Instrumental Perspectives for the E-ELT ELT Kelz, Roth, Quirrenbach, Navarro, Peletier HZO 70
SOFIA SOF Stutzki HZO 70
Stars and the Circumstellar Environment SCE Weis, Kaper, de Koter, Liermann HZO 90
The Role and Interaction of Stellar Magnetic Fields:
From the Stellar Surface to the Interstellar Medium
SMF Scherer, Fichtner HZO 100
Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in the ISM TMF Klessen, Gritschneider, Beck, Burkert, Dettmar, Walch H 1