The Many Facets of Astrophysics - Photons, Particles, and Spacetime

Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Jointly Organized with the Nederlandse Astronomenclub

Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland


Beside the Dining Hall (Mensa) that is located directly next to the Audimax and also includes a bistro and coffee bar, you can find several cafeterias distributed across the campus of the Ruhr-University where you can buy snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks, etc. These are located in the buildings NA (floor 02, south), NC (floor 03, south), GA (floor 01, north), and MA (floor 0, south). Somewhat more quiet is the Q-West located between the MA and GA building. At midday it is not possible to pay cash, so you have to get the so called "Q-Card" from a vending machine.

Beside that, the "Uni Center" offers a variety of restaurants (e.g. Trattoria Falcone, Summa Cum Laude, Le Clochard) and snack bars.

The nightlife in Bochum is very much concentrated in the so called "Bermuda3eck" (Bermuda Triangle) near the main station (See the map below). There you can find a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants distributed along only a few streets.

Here is a list of some restaurants in Bochum we can recommend:

Restaurant Aubergine (Mediterranean cuisine)
Tapas (Spanish, Tapas)
Beef & Burger (American, Grill)
Burgerado (American, Grill)
El Toro (Steakhouse)
Nhy Star (Vietnamese, Asian)
Aosora Sushi (Japanese, Sushi)
Mongo's (Mongolian, Asian)
Yamas Meze Restaurant & Weinbar (Mediterranean cuisine, Greek)
Fiege's Stammhaus (German, plain cooking)
Mutter Wittig (German, plain cooking)
Zur Altstadt (German, plain cooking, Horse meat)
La Veneziana Ristorante (Italian)
Osteria al Vecchio Tarchio (Italian)
CARMELO (Italian)
Restaurant Matzen (Jewish cuisine)
Restaurant Franz Ferdinand (Austrian)
FIVE (Fusion, Fine Dining)
Strätlingshof (International, Fine Dining)
Livingroom (German, plain cooking)
Tucholsky (International)
Taj Mahal (Indian, Asian)
Karawane (Persian)