The Many Facets of Astrophysics - Photons, Particles, and Spacetime

Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Jointly Organized with the Nederlandse Astronomenclub

Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, 12. - 16. September 2016, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland

Satellite Events

Several satellite events (as in additional, not actual satellites!) are taking place during and around the conference. Here is a list of those events with additional information and links if available.

Everyone who is interested in these events is very welcome to participate, however make sure to check below if any registration is required for them!

Information that is currently missing for some events will be added when the conference draws nearer.
Please note that, at this time, all information on this page is subject to change!

AG Members Meeting

The members meeting of the German Astronomical Society will take place on Tuesday evening, starting at 17:30 in HZO 20.
This is a closed session where all members of the AG can participate.

Astro-Frauen-Netzwerk Get-together

The Astro-Frauen-Netzwerk Get-together will take place on Monday afternoon, starting at 15:00 in VZ Room 82.

History of Astronomy

The Working Group History of Astronomy Meeting starts on Friday the 16th of September this year and finished on Sunday, 18 of September.
Please see the website of the meeting for additional information and registration requirements.

Meeting Rat Deutscher Sternwarten

The Rat Deutscher Sternwarten meets on Monday, starting at 13:00 in VZ Room 1.
This is a closed session.

Public Outreach in Astronomy

The Public Outreach Meeting will take place on Wednesday at 14:45 in H 3.

Young Astrophysicists Meeting (PhD Meeting)

The PhD Meeting changed name in order to emphasize that it is not only open to PhD students, but also to (under-)graduate students and early postdocs!
The meeting is planned for Monday, September 12th, starting at 14:00 in VZ Room 3.
You can find more detailed information about the program and more on the website of the PhD Meeting.

Public Talk

The Public Talk with the title "Erste Daten vom Astrometriesatelliten Gaia" will be given by Stefan Jordan on Thursday evening at 20:00 at the Planetarium Bochum.

Teacher Training (Lehrerfortbildung)

The Teacher Training will take place on Friday, starting at 14:00 in VZ Room 82.
Please note that the Teacher Training is different from the Astronomy & Education splinter meeting (taking place on Thursday)